Friday, March 8, 2013

How to Knit the Step by Step Tutorial

Step 2: How to Knit Stitch

On the journey of a life time... Just think all this learning we are doing together is just a stepping stone to a life time of more yarn addiction and fun handmade items... Years of enjoyment! 
Be sure to follow the blog posts by steps these will map out a very easy to learn way to knit. Practice... Practice... Practice... 
Working the basic Knit Stitch (AKA... KS or K)

Materials: You will need 2 Knitting needles size is irrelevant because we are not making anything that requires a certain size... we are just practicing... and Worsted Weight yarn you can use your cast on's from Step 1 if you'd like.

    1.) After making as many Cast On's as you'd like from Step one you will need to turn your needle to the other hand with your working yarn up top and stitches facing your opposite hand.

     2.) Insert your other needle (the one with out stitches on it) under the first loop from bottom to top

    3.) Wrap Yarn around needle going in front of the needle without stitches on it and between the two needles.

    4.) Pull your wrapped yarn through the loop (stitch) you put your needle through in Step 2. 

    5.) Pull that New Stitch you just made off your needle and it will automatically transfer to your other needle.

    Repeat this process for each Stitch on (my left) needle working a new stitch and moving it over to your other (my right) needle. If you want when you reach the end of the row you can turn and repeat this process.

    NOTE: If you find it hard to get your needle in the stitch you may need to get pointier needles... I ended up having to use Hiya Hiya Sharps because I'm such a tight knitter that rounded point needles were hard to place in the stitch


    1. I keep dropping stitches!! Grr.. and that was my problem last time I tried to knit too lol Do you have any tips for not dropping them... and if I do drop them, how can I pick them back up besides ripping the whole thing out! Thanks a bunch! This is awesome!

    2. Yes this is actually super easy! If you drop while working the first row just grab the yarn between the needles where you dropped the stitch and twist it (making a circle or teardrop looking loop) and put it back on your left needle... If you do it working on any other row other than row 1 get a crochet hook and put it through the stitch loop below your dropped stitch grab the yarn that would normally create the next stitch will look like a bar going across from each needle. Insert your hook in that stitch loop and pull that bar through creating another stitch and place it back on your left needle. I can make a tutorial on this

    3. Thanks!! I'm going to try that when I get a sec! That is why I kept giving up lol because no one could show me how to pick them back up again. I got tired of ripping it out!

    4. I'll make a whole tutorial on how to fix mess ups ;-)