Well to tell a little about myself I picked up crocheting when I was around 8-10 years old, and like most; lost the hobby quick. I suppose we just get too distracted as kids to really focus on one thing. I picked the hobby back up last October. Yes! Not even a year ago! The only stitches I could do were Double Crochet and Single Crochet.
We had family photos coming up and I so desperately wanted my new 5 week old to have one of those super cute hats you always see newborns wearing. I looked on craigslist and the only lady I found couldn’t have it ready for 2 days minimum. Well with photos the next day that just wouldn’t do! So I stayed up and worked on the most simplest of hats until 3 A.M. Well 6 hours later this is what I had…
Here I am just 11 months later with 57 soon to be 58 patterns released, 4 sites that I sell my patterns on. A Handspun yarn business, 1 helping “employee” to fill customs (Who by the way does a FABLUOUS job no one can tell the difference!), and I’m taking up photography for my patterns.
My husband and I met while we were both active duty in the United States Air Force and stationed in Okinawa, Japan. I know I love telling people that; it always brings a smile to everyone’s face. I know you smiled, don’t deny it! I’m from Iowa and he’s from Oklahoma so I came here with him. One year later we were married, 1 year later we had our first son, and 2 years after that our second son. My husband is also a Youth Pastor and I love that job. I get to spoil a bunch of teenage girls then send them home to their mommas.
I have an eye for 3D and most of my patterns are in a 3 dimension. I blame this on the Military training. They always drilled attention to detail, and that’s exactly what I do when I make a pattern. I look for every possible way to make it better or more detailed. Pattern writing is my passion, and although I love to spin yarn I don’t get the time to do it as much as I’d like. I spend most of my day on the computer typing or editing a pattern and photos; or with my hands on some fiber making a pattern.

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