Friday, March 8, 2013

How to Knit the Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1: How to Cast On

I know there are so many crocheters out there who wish they could knit. To start teaching yourself online with youtube videos can be hard since it's not mapped out for you step by step. So I have decided since I'm starting this new adventure it would be fun for everyone to take it with me. As I learn new things I will post new blogs with photos and some videos on how to do it. To be notified of new posts you can either subscribe to my blog or you can follow me on Facebook... Lets take yarn art to the next level!!! 
Casting on
Materials: 1 knitting needle (any size for learning)  and worsted weight yarn
  • Make a Slip Knot see photos on how to make this. 
  •   Place your Slip Knot on your needle and tighten it (counts as first stitch) Step 5 up above
  •  Take working yarn (yarn connected to your ball) and wrap from back to front around your thumb (opposite from hand you are using to carrying your needle)   
  •   Insert needle from bottom to top in loop you've created on your thumb.
  •  Remove loop (Stitch) from your thumb and tighten on your needle
Repeat this as many times as you please until you are comfortable with it.    



  1. Sweet, that was easy!


    1. HeHe I'll work on Step 2 tonight when the kids go to bed ;-)