Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I got my spinning wheel today; YAY!!!!! I have wanted one for so long! 
I got an Ashford Kiwi (used) I'm a firm believer in not paying full price for something (unless necessary)
 I love the Kiwi Bird on the Treadle (sp?)
I started out spinning on a Spindle (didn't do it much), and I didn't like it much. That same day I first spun on a spindle I also went to a guild meeting, and she had this beauty there. I was able to spin on it before I bought it and I loved it as soon as I tried... I wasn't good and am still learning, but it's so much fun! 
Here is a photo of my 3rd attempt as spinning! 
I love purple it's my most favorite color along with Teal so this skein I'll be keeping for myself. I still don't know what I'll make with it, but it sure is pretty!